Adjudication with Rational Jurors

Ioannis Caragiannis and Nikolaj I. Schwartzbach

This widget simulates a jury process with rational jurors. The case is shown in the top-left corner, with the corresponding icon denoting the ground truth of the case. Each juror is given case evidence and asked to product an output, and the verdict is decided by majority vote. To participate, a juror stakes two coins. If they win, they receive back their stake and two additional coins. When a juror loses all their coins, they die and replaced with a fresh juror.

The jurors belong to one of two types with equal probability: either they are dishonest and vote completely random, or they are honest and invest 1 coin's worth of effort, in which case they will guess correctly the ground truth with 80% probability.


Department of Computer Science. Aarhus University