Reverse Stackelberg Calculator

Mathias Hall-Andersen, Nikolaj I. Schwartzbach

This is supplementary material to our paper (Hall-Andersen and Schwartzbach, 2021).

This small widget computes reverse Stackelberg equilibria in finite games with perfect information. This corresponds to two players able to deploy smart contracts to constrain their moves. The leader (player 1) deploys a smart contract and announces it, after which the follower (player 2) deploys their contract, and then the game is played. The leader's contract is allowed to reason about the contract deployed by the follower. When there is not perfect information the problem can be shown to be Σ2P-complete. As of present, it only supports two players.


The game tree is inputted as raw JS code and parsed using eval(...).

Tree structure



Department of Computer Science. Aarhus University.