Payment Schemes from Limited Information with Applications in Distributed Computing

Nikolaj I. Schwartzbach

This widget computes an optimal payment scheme to incentivize a specified behavior in extensive-form games of perfect information. Specifically, by augmenting a finite game G with a payment scheme, we obtain ε-strong, t-robust game-theoretic security. This means the honest strategy profile s* is a t-robust subgame perfect equilibrium, and for every pure strategy s = (sC, s-C* ) with |C| ≤ t, and every iC, it holds that:

ui (s* ) ≥ ui (s) + ε

The widget is supplementary material to (Schwartzbach, 2022).


Both the tree and emissions matrix are inputted as raw JS code and parsed using eval(...).

Tree format Emissions format

Tree structure
Emission matrix

Additional properties
Ensures the utility for the honest strategy remains unchanged.
Ensures the deposit scheme does not lock away funds.
Security parameters

Input game

Resulting game

jsLPsolver is used for solving the linear programs.


Department of Computer Science. Aarhus University